Reasons why you should travel to Australia

If you are planning to travel this holiday, then you should think about Australia, it is a remote country and has the best popular places to tour. If you are a budget person, then you should be excited as Australia has the most affordable places to travel to. Most Americans don’t like travelling to Australia due to the fact that the flights take long and are expensive. However, our friend from Auto Towing in San Mateo California frequently visits Australia and says it’s his favorite destination. Here are some places you can visit when in Australia;

Australia map

Sydney Australia

Sydney is well known for its harbor and the opera house. The city also boasts great parks, an incredible bridge, and tasty delicacies. Whether you decide to be at Bondi or visit the Manly beach, you can always relax as you enjoy the sun. Every time you are hungry you can always check in the harbor, it has restaurants that offer almost everything you want and have good hospitality. Also, the harbor makes sure that your stay is lit as there are numerous entertainment facilities here.


Get a chance to explore and climb the breathtaking Uluru giant rock. The rock covers about eight kilometers and the beautiful sceneries created during sunrise and sunset makes it even more astonishing.  when hit by the sun, the iron present in the rock produces some orange and red shades. The rock is sacred to the locals but they will allow you to climb it.


Australians like food and one thing they have perfected at is throwing a barbecue. They like setting up traditional foods and in most parks, there are about three barbecue spots. As a matter of fact, this place would be nothing without a barbecue. A beautiful night with good beers and some grilled meat; I wonder what else one would be looking for in life. The activity is awesome and budget friendly too.

Perth Australia

This place is a paradise itself. It is filled with great beaches and boasts of the largest and biggest parks in Australia. The city is full of vibe as it filled with young people. Hey, be informed about the drinking sessions at Cottesloe hotel each Sunday.

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