How technology is changing customer travel experience

How technology is changing customer travel experienceSome common travel experiences such as hotel mishaps could be frustrating to a traveler. Travelling is always a way to look out for adventure and new experiences and getting away from normal life. People try to get the best-personalized experiences that they have control over and can manipulate easily.  Customers expect the best out of innovations used to create a better atmosphere for relaxing. New technologies have an overall impact on how your travel expenditure turns out to be.

Artificial intelligence

Customers give their preferences and recommendations depending on what they expect out of the trip. Artificial intelligence works in sorting through huge amounts of data according to the prescribed needs of the customers. This technology can be used in the analysis of guest reviews. Hotels can, therefore, match meal menus depending on the feedback provided. Using this customer tool creates a method that is fast and efficient to fit perfectly into the expected customer experience.

Chat Bot

Creating a chatbot for your customers reduces the hustle of having to wait on hold before getting to talk to a service.  Chatbots create space for use of text and voice commands which can be essential in reservations or even for the planning of a trip itinerary. The convenience of this service is linked to the fact that services can be made on their schedule without them having to talk to any person.  Additionally, some hotels have exceptional services that allow the use of emojis for commands.


In this era technology systems such as apps are inevitable in the daily running of operations. Several innovations including app can be used to keep track of personal luggage despite the distance with the traveler. This system creates power in the hand of the traveler such that they ensure bags are always safe throughout the journey. Traveling may take you to foreign language speaking countries. An app that translates the languages in real-time may help provide a smooth travel experience.


Every traveler has a virtual image of what to expect during a trip organized. This, therefore, creates a need for a customized experience that will suit their preferences. Creating a personal profile for each customer helps in knowing customer trends depending on whom and why they are traveling. Happy customers will always be interested in getting more services out of your hotel. Create preferences that alert the traveler on events and attractions that will ensure a suitable stay.

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